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Swanson Development is a talented team of real estate savvy professionals dedicated to enhancing value through careful project evaluation, creative planning and strategic execution of the program result. Swanson Development is comprised of architects, urban planners, developers and contractors with a combined 50-years experience in real estate development throughout the country. This distinctive synergy provides a significant advantage in establishing the highest and best use of a project in the most demanding environments. 

Swanson Development believes in a straightforward, open dialogue with its stakeholders and understands the unique challenges the recent economic downturn has created for the real estate industry. While the landscape may change, historically, new and rewarding opportunities surface and the Swanson Development team stands ready to respond with enthusiasm and vision. This includes: 

  • Master planning and entitlement
  • Re-evaluating existing distressed residential and commercial projects
  • Senior housing
  • Specialized assisted care
  • Environmental stewardship through sustainable practices

Swanson Development is committed to creating first class projects that respect and enhance the aesthetic and cultural values of the community. The preservation and restoration of open space is always a common objective. Respect for a sites physical characteristic has proven time after time to enhance value and marketability. Swanson Development has an impressive list of successful projects and proud of the reputation they have earned in the industry. The results speak for themselves and you are encouraged to visit the “projects” link and draw your own conclusion.