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Mission Statement

Swanson Development seeks to create ripples in what was once a stagnant, often neglected area of assisted living in the United States: specialized care. Through the combined expertise of a dedicated team of architects, land planners, and construction professionals, we hope to create innovations that will not only change the lives of residents and their families – but the world.
Our goal is to produce functional living environments that enhance the physical and spiritual wellbeing of our inhabitants. But what really sets us apart is our understanding that just offering “shelter” and “care” does not automatically provide long-term solutions for individuals and their families. This is why we also endeavor to make available the tools needed to live meaningful, happy, and productive lives.
Of course, not all projects are created equal. Each one has its own unique needs and challenges.  Swanson Development makes it a primary objective to address each program with a personalized brand of vision and passion. 

Paired with this sense of social responsibility is a strong adherence to environmental stewardship. Whenever and wherever possible, we incorporate sustainable practices that are ecologically appropriate, while also remaining sensitive to the cultural character of the community.

Together, we strive to become the gold standard for needs-driven assisted living.