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The Reserve at Hindman Farms
Buckeye, Arizona
A one hundred ninety (190) acre parcel west of Phoenix, The Reserve is nearing completion of final engineering plans. Swanson Development Group secured approvals for five hundred fifteen (515) single-family lots and worked diligently with local municipalities and utilities to secure sewer and water capacity.


Bridges of Los Altos
Los Altos, California
Los Altos is an exclusive, established residential community in the San Francisco Bay area. Being at the end of its development cycle, Los Altos has few, if any, undeveloped parcels. Several years ago, the existing church tried to expand to no avail. Swanson Development Group worked with City planners to create a twenty-eight (28) unit, clustered single-family development targeted towards “empty-nesters.”

Rock Springs Ranch
Hemet, California
A four hundred seventy (470) acre parcel currently zoned for large acre single-family lots, Rock Springs

Ranch is progressing as a “clustered” development with one hundred twenty-three (123) smaller lots. This “clustered” approach is the most efficient means for achieving approvals, provides the most marketable product, reduces development costs, provides generous open space, and preserves the site’s natural features. The open space area will be utilized as recreation area with trail systems for pedestrians, bicycles, and horses.

Villages of Sonata
Brawley, California
At a point in time, Sonata was a four hundred eighty (480) acre project with plans for eighteen hundred (1,800) residential units, retail, and municipal land uses. When a land owner backed-out of a contract, the project took its current state as a three hundred twenty (320) acre project with twelve hundred (1,200) residential units and municipal uses. Deep in the preliminary approval process, Sonata proposes a mix of residential product types that appeal to a wider range of both potential buyers and builders. The residential units are organized as a traditional neighborhood with sidewalks, parks, open space, and a school that encourage residents to live and play in the community.


The Reserve at Elk Meadows
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
A sixteen hundred (1,600) acre in the vicinity of Vail and Aspen, the property has been ranched for four generations. Current plans “cluster” two hundred (200) single-family lots into distinctive, compact neighborhoods to preserve large areas of open space and maximize views of the surrounding mountains. A large potion of the site is preserved as permanent open space.


Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
One hundred forty (140) acres along the Interstate 94 Corridor, roughly equidistant from Milwaukee and Chicago, Stonebridge is planned for two hundred nine (209) single-family lots. Pleasant Prairie is historically slow to approve new residential development and this “slow-growth” approach can be difficult to navigate, but Blithfield Development has been successful due to its unique development perspective.





Lakemoor Village Square
Lakemoor, Illinois
A six hundred (600) acre former quarry site that is currently progressing towards master plan approval for 1,113 residential units, twenty (20) acres of retail, and municipal uses. A ninety (90) acre lake serves as the focal element in the project’s planning and design.

Lakemoor Waters Edge
Lakemoor, Illinois
Just south of the Village Square site, across a major state-controlled highway, this two hundred (200) acre former quarry site that is currently progressing towards master plan approval for a active adult community and senior living campus, community park, and six (6) acre retail component. Two (2) lakes serve as the influencing elements in the project’s planning and design.

Liberty Grove
Libertyville, Illinois
A fourteen (14) acre parcel that came to Blithfield Development after a large national homebuilder failed to secure approvals for their “standard” development. Swanson Development Group worked with the City and received annexation and unanimous approvals for eighteen (18) single-family homes and thirty (30) townhouses. Upon approvals, Swanson Development Group immediately sold the project to a builder.

Lindenhurst Village Green
Lindenhurst, Illinois
A two hundred forty (240) acre parcel at a key intersection in a community without a defined downtown area. Oliver-McMillan of San Diego, California recently purchased sixty (60) acres and is beginning construction of a lifestyle center in Spring 2008. The remaining acreage is zoned primarily for residential uses, and an annexation agreement with the Village allows a maximum of seven hundred eighty-eight (788) units. Residential neighborhoods are a mix of clustered single-family homes, duplexes, rowhouses, townhouses, apartments, and senior living.The property’s western border is adjacent to a forest preserve, providing a balance of secluded setting with downtown vitality.

Orchard Hills
Wauconda, Illinois
A one hundred thirty (130) acre parcel of rolling hills and large lakes that was formerly an apple orchard. By engaging a public that was originally opposed to development, Swanson Development Group successfully secured entitlements for a 234-unit residential development. Upon approvals, Swanson Development Group sold the project to a nationally-known residential builder.

Prairie Grove, Illinois
At approximately eleven hundred (1,100) acres, Wildflowers was a project that struggled to develop due to a long-standing lawsuit between the Village and land-owners. Swanson Development Group helped settle the lawsuit and secured preliminary plan approvals for 1,300 residential units and one hundred ten (110) acres of commercial. The master plan also incorporates environmentally-sensitive principals