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Private Residences

There are several residential product types planned for Village Square − condominiums, rowhouses, townhouses, stacked villas/flats, and single-family lots − which radiate by density from the town center. The master plan is divided into eight (8) distinct residential neighborhoods to provide a variety of residential products and settings. These product types are designed to ensure each neighborhood always remains consistent with the overall design guidelines. There is special emphasis on locating and designing spaces together to create a unique and harmonious community.

The design guidelines for Village Square preserve the quality and vision of the overall project. Home siting and design is intended to optimize the pedestrian character of the development, protect natural features, and create a new image for the Village of Lakemoor.


Open Space

The heart of the development is the ninety (90) acre lake and approximately two (2) miles of prime shoreline parkland. The lake is over one hundred feet (100’) deep and contains clear, quality water bounding with mature fish. The entire shoreline will be preserved for public use and enjoyment. Throughout the property, wetlands, small water bodies, and significant topography guide the development design. The result is a “green necklace” of planned open space, both active and passive, connected to the neighborhoods and town center through an extensive trail system totaling more than six (6) miles. Overall, Village Square preserves approximately sixty-percent (60%) of the property as open space. Overall, the planned development design creates a traditional, walkable community, and preserves an extensive open space system.